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#77 – Tax Strategies for Vacation Homes

In this (solo!) episode Matt walks us through the tax treatment of vacation homes and second homes. What to know and how to capitalize on this unique tax strategy. Learn
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#76 – Learning about your Credit Score

In this episode Eric and Matt dive into some of the mechanics about your credit score- how it works, why is it important, how to monitor it and how to
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#75 – Estate Planning Basics

In this episode Eric and Matt get back to the basics of the RETIRE acronym and discuss a sometimes uncomfortable, yet extremely important, topic which is Estate planning! Learn some
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#74 – Highly Concentrated Stock Positions

If you have a highly concentrated stock position as part of your portfolio then this is the episode for you! Eric and Matt dive into financial and tax strategies of
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#73 – Vehicles for Business

In this episode Eric and Matt discuss using your vehicle for business and the various financial and tax issues you should be considering about this topic! Check out this episode!
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#72 – Traditional or Roth for Retirement?

In this episode Eric and Matt discuss whether Traditional or Roth is the right choice for you. There are pros and cons to each and every situation is unique! Learn
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#71 – New Year Financial To Dos

Listen in on this episode for some Financial To Dos to get yourself ready for the year. Eric and Matt share five helpful tips for you in this episode! Check
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#70 – Planning for Tax Time

In this episode Eric and Matt discuss how to best prepare and plan for taxes each year. Tune in to learn more tax preparation tips! Check out this episode!
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#69 – Financial Planning vs Financial Monitoring

What is the difference between Financial Planning and Financial Monitoring? Learn some of the subtle and not so subtle differences between Planning vs. Monitoring of your Financial situation. In this
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