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#54 – First Step Cash Management Program

In this episode discuss the “First Step Cash Management Program”, an alternative to our 50/20/30 rule that was discussed in earlier episodes. If you are struggling with budgeting or just
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#53 – Proposed 2022 Tax Changes!

In this episode Eric and Matt do a quick run down of the recently proposed tax legislation currently being considered by Congress. Learn more about proposed new changes in this
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#52 – Are You Financially Fit?

To be financially fit, you must put in the work! In this episode Eric and Matt discuss what you need to know boost your financial fitness. Know your financial fitness
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#51 – Death and Taxes

Death and Taxes… In this episode Eric and Matt give an overview of the current Estate and Gift tax system in the US. Who is taxed, when are you taxed,
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#50 – AMA Episode

We made it to 50 episodes! Eric and Matt answer a variety of listener questions in this podcast. Check out this episode!
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#49 – Peter Thiel’s Roth IRA

Do you want to be a multi billionaire from your Roth IRA like Peter Thiel? We can’t help you pick the right investments to make that happen, but we can
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#48 – No Regerts

If you had to do it all over, what would you have done differently? In this episode Eric and Matt discuss some of the financial decisions they would have made
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#47 – Starting a Business

Have you considered starting a business or going out on your own? The rewards can be great, as can the challenges! Learn more about going out on your own in
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#46 – Charitable Giving & Philanthropy

Giving back through philanthropy is an important part of many HENRY’s financial plans and goals. In this episode Eric and Matt discuss some of the ways about how to think
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